Artist Narrative

Meyer received an MFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2000 in photography. His early work was documenting the streets of downtown Chicago visually isolating views at street level. He was also interested in the rural Midwest, concentrating on old rural post offices and silos. He used a 4×5 field camera to create these images.

In graduate school, he turned inward. Still using the 4×5, he photographed objects in the house that he grew up in that were tied to vivid memories from his youth. He documented the object in a straightforward manor and then, using text wrote about the memory associated with that object.

He taught both traditional and digital photography at the university level for ten years. In 2003 he went back into the USAF to become a Flight Engineer on the C-130. While in the military, he was deployed twelve times in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He shot several hundred hours of video both while flying combat missions and on the ground during downtime.

Since retiring from the military, he’s combed through his journals and videos starting to create video and installation works. His goal is to contrast the different aspects of his personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings as a result of his military service to share that with his viewers.